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CWR Modern Media Solutions, also known as CWR Digital, is a local digital media company that was created by CEO and Founder Carl Rau.  Approximately three years ago, Carl took his two decades of media experience, his extensive knowledge of digital services and revenue models, and the feedback gained from many agency partners to start up a brand-new digital media company headquartered in Augusta, GA.  CWR Digital started servicing the digital media needs of agencies and businesses in Georgia, South Carolina, and North Florida, and has since expanded its scope to serve companies nationwide.

CWR Digital is a Digital Marketing Service Provider (DMSP) that has the ability to handle all aspects of digital content and media.  CWR helps all size businesses locally and all over the country increase their online visibility through a multitude of digital products and services.  They are the ONLY digital media solutions provider in the CSRA that has its own ad exchange and acts as its own trading desk.  This allows them to bid on and purchase impressions and services in real time, and it allows them to serve these impressions immediately, with no waiting period.  This exclusive capability also allows CWR Digital to avoid the three-level mark-ups normally associated with digital media because the “middle man” is completely eliminated.  The digital media products and services offered by CWR Digital are sold to their customers direct at wholesale-like prices. 


Digital Media Products and Services Offered By CWR Digital:



 *CWR Digital also offers website creation, mobile app building (Android and iPhone), Retargeting, Social Media Management (YouTube, Facebook, etc), and more.

For more information on CWR Modern Media Solutions, call Carl Rau, President of CWR Digital, at 706-726-7917 or visit them online at  And please remember to like CWR on Facebook!