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For pest infestations in Augusta, Georgia residents turn to Arrow Exterminators for professional pest control. We can help protect your home from infestations of household bugs, mosquitoes, ants, fire ants, and more. And our complete range of services goes well beyond just bug control. Termites are a year-round threat to homes in the Augusta area, which is why we provide state of the art termite protection backed by Sentricon. If your hear a scurrying in your walls or attic, we can help with that, too. We offer complete wildlife control and removal services. Make your pest problem a thing of the past. Call Arrow Exterminators  to get professional control for any infestation.

Our customers are immediately impressed by the pest protection expertise of their Arrow Exterminators Service Professional and the quality and effectiveness of the service itself. Our highly trained and licensed professionals are able to treat your home for most common pests like ants, cockroaches, pantry pests and more. Our innovative approach allows us to give you complete pest protection both inside and outside your home and peace-of-mind in knowing you are protecting your family’s health and property in the most environmentally responsible manner available today. It truly is a Total Protection System™.

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