Debris Removal


 Junk Busters

Junk Busters is locally owned and operated by Matt Pulliam, who has 8 years experience in the industry. Have you acquired more stuff than you have space for? Is your home filled with things you no longer use or need? Let Junk Busters haul it away for you. They specialize in affordable junk hauling, donation pick-ups, trash pick up, garage clear outs, furniture removal and dumpster rentals (for those who prefer to do it themselves). Whether you are moving or doing construction, cleaning out clutter rids you of an even bigger mess. When you need junk removal services, call Junk Busters to get your space back.



Good Samaritan Services

Good Samaritan Services is locally owned and operated by Bobby Temenak, who has 27 years in the tree service and demolition business.  The services they offer include tree removal, trimming, stump removal, stump grinding, landscaping removal, gutter cleaning, one time yard clean-up, wooden structure removals, and much more.  Good Samaritan Services offers free estimates and same-day appointments (no Sundays).  They are always available for emergencies.  They are licensed, bonded, and insured.