D&D Pest Control





D&D Pest Control services residential and commercial buildings. D&D’s extensive training and advanced technology focuses on attacking any pests already in your home and breaking the pest lifecycle to help control unwanted invaders in the future.

D & D Pest Control Services is a successful family owned and operated business that has been proudly servicing the CSRA for 15 years. D&D provides personalized, quality services at competitive prices for all your residential and commercial pest control needs. They are commited to using the safest active ingredients, and most up to date methods of termite and pest control in the pest control industry for the protection of your children, pets, and loved ones. D&D Pest Control also incorporates the use of Integrated Pest Management (IPM) for the protection of the environment. If you are selling or buying a home, they can provide you with your Official Wood Infestation Report (Termite Letter) for Georgia or South Carolina.

Call the office and let D&D tell you about their guaranteed quality services!


 Contact D&D Pest Control:

(706) 650-0830
[email protected]
P.O. Box 696
Evans, GA 30809



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