Carpet Cleaning


A&D Carpets & Hardwoods, Inc.

A&D Carpets, Inc. and Hardwoods NOW offers carpet cleaning! A&D Carpets & Hardwoods, Inc. and Hardwoods is committed to providing the best possible flooring, installed the best possible way for the best possible value. A&D Carpets & Hardwoods, Inc. offers fine carpet and flooring products. They sell a wide assortment of carpets, flooring and hardwood, as well as carpet cleaning. 


Augusta Cleanpro

Augusta Cleanpro is the Carpet Cleaning Specialists of the CSRA.  Our products are eco-friendly, leave no residue, and dry within 1-2 hours.  We have been pleasing our customers with a system that has proven itself to be the finest on the market today.



Majestic Floor Care, LLC

Majestic Floor Care, LLC has expert residential and commercial carpet cleaning services in our area! They are backed by excellent customer service. Together they ensure that your Majestic Floor Care Technician can get to you and be ready to solve your water damage, flood damage or carpet cleaning problems in record time, and usually the same day you call.  Call owner Burt Sappenfield at (706)339-4274 for more information or: